Custom Development Services


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Web Design and Development

Bottle Technology offers professional web design and development services tailored to industry trends, helping businesses stand out in the digital landscape.

We stay up to date with current web design trends and are committed to providing modern, stylish designs.

We pay close attention to color selection, layout design, and image usage to ensure your website stands out visually, is engaging and helps build a professional brand image.

Our design team focuses on creating responsive web pages to ensure your website provides an optimized user experience across devices like desktops, tablets and phones.

This adapts to varying screen sizes and resolutions, improving accessibility and convenience of use for your website.

We place strong emphasis on designing for the user experience. Taking a user-centric approach, we provide intuitive, seamless and easy to navigate website designs.

We focus on information architecture, navigation design and content presentation. By optimizing the user interaction and experience with the website, we aim to improve user satisfaction and conversion rates.

Accessibility design is also a key consideration for us to ensure every visitor can easily browse and interact with the site, achieving inclusiveness and accessibility.

We incorporate appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies into the design and development process to help boost your website’s search engine rankings.

We optimize the website structure, content and keyword usage to follow best SEO practices and provide the highest visibility potential to increase exposure and improve quality of search results.



Additionally, customized plans can be tailored based on your specific needs and requirements.

1 Domain name registration service, which will handle the application for international domain names (.com/.net/.org) or Macao domain names ( on your behalf to simplify the domain name application process with the domain name registrars.
2 Custom company email addresses that can be set up by your company, such as [email protected] etc.
*Pricing stated is for the first year only. Annual renewal pricing starts from MOP 900 onwards, which will be communicated during quotations.


System Development

Bottle Technology can customize different service solutions to meet your business needs and facilitate your daily operations.

We focus on developing customized internal systems and solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

We leverage technical expertise and business insights to build efficient, secure and manageable systems that help elevate internal operations efficiency.

Bottle Technology is able to develop applications tailored to your needs and optimized for different scenarios/environments.

Bottle Technology can develop educational mini-games according to your needs.

We also provide necessary technical support for short, medium and long term marketing plans, such as lottery systems, voting systems, form collection systems, AR interactions etc.