Campaign IT Support


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Service Overview

Need a reliable, stable, one-stop IT support service for your campaign? Bottle Technology can help you!
Our IT support ensures that you get the best service before, during, and after your campaign.
Our services are divided into “Short-term Technical Support” and “One-time Support and Maintenance Service”.

We will provide all the information devices needed for your campaign, allowing you to focus on the campaign worry-free.

Information devices generally refer to all equipment capable of handling information, signals, drawings, images, animations, videos, and sound, such as computers, projectors, speakers, etc.

In addition to providing equipment, our on-site professionals will help you set up all equipment and networks to ensure a smooth campaign process.

We can also provide live broadcasting technical support, which is currently very popular. Online broadcasting is an interactive method that publicly broadcasts real-time images through various social media, community websites or audio and video platforms, allowing your campaign to reach more viewers through live broadcasting and explore more potential customers.

Online broadcasting is suitable for various campaigns, such as large outdoor campaigns, online sales, online shopping, etc. Broadcasting can bring more popularity and traffic, while for online meetings or online courses, we can provide stable equipment and network arrangements.

If you need this service, we will have professionals set up the necessary accessories for you, such as microphones, photography and video recording equipment, laptops, and tablets, etc.


Service Procedure

Not limited to office hours, our professional team will work according to your campaign schedule. If there are needs, appointments can be made in advance for us to make the most suitable arrangements.

On-site Service by Professional IT Personnel

We will send a professional team to provide you with the services you need, allowing you to set up all kinds of equipment faster and be ready for the campaign.


Our professional team will stay for the entire duration of the campaign, until the campaign ends. In case of equipment issues or related emergencies, Bottle Technology will solve the problem for you immediately, ensuring the smooth progress of the campaign.

Report Feedback

After the campaign, Bottle Technology will present a report on relevant campaign data, which will help you adjust the content and schedule of the campaign, aiming to make the next campaign perfect.



Our professional team has worked on campaign planning with internationally renowned brands such as LOREAL, Fendi, etc. Our team’s campaign-related work includes equipment preparation and setup, as well as IT support and maintenance before, during, and after the campaign.

Taking a certain online meeting support as an example:

Technical staff arrival > Network setup > Machine settings > Meeting starts > Maintain meeting > Campaign ends > Staff withdrawal

Professional Technical Team

Microphone, photography and videography equipment, laptop and tablet



Bottle Technology offers a diverse range of IT support services, ensuring you can have peace of mind and gain maximum assistance.