Web Hosting Service




Service Overview

High-speed servers, extremely stable lines, and top-quality web hosting services in Macau
Leave the proper custody of your website to us.

We can act as an agent to set up Cloudflare services, which provides customers with related technologies for website security management and performance optimization

We can increase overseas and mainland bandwidth connections as needed to ensure the smooth operation of customer websites and emails locally, in the Mainland and overseas

Bottle Technology’s professional designers can design a solid and complete website for you, providing a good user experience for every type of device

Can apply for international domain names (.com/.net/.org) on behalf of clients or apply for Macau domain names (.com.mo/.net.mo/.org.mo/.mo) on behalf of clients

Junk emails are endless. In addition to general virus and junk mail filtering, we also effectively block up to 90% of junk emails through our self-established greylist system, ensuring that non-junk emails can smoothly reach the customer’s inbox.

We have set up firewall alerts, traffic monitoring and other security services on our servers, minimizing the possibility of server attacks.



Additionally, customized plans can be tailored based on your specific needs and requirements.



Bottle Technology offers a diverse range of IT support services, ensuring you can have peace of mind and gain maximum assistance.