Office Network Set-up




Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a new office and need a comprehensive network setup? Do you feel that the office network is slow and disorganized and needs to be well organized?
Bottle Technology provides a series of office network setup services, allowing your office network to be operational in the shortest possible time!


Service Overview

Network Cabling (Wiring)

• Network Cable Laying: We will carry out a complete site survey in your office where you plan to set up the network, and customize your network according to the type of building, user, and equipment used.
• Optimizing Structure: Update and optimize the existing infrastructure to improve equipment and work efficiency. For example, the accumulation of cables over time results in disorganized wiring; we can assist you in reorganizing the wiring to make it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to manage.
• Relocation Service: If there is a relocation request, if evaluated as feasible, we can relocate the entire network, servers, and workstations to the new location, and ensure the cabling at the new address meets your needs.
• Sustainability: In order to allow your network structure to keep up with the constant growth of your business, we will provide you with cost-effective sustainable network infrastructure solutions that have the capacity for growth and change.

Network Structure Update and Migration

For the increasingly aging and bloated network infrastructure in your office, Bottle Technology can also help you eliminate the unnecessary to retain the essential!

• Comprehensive Project Schedule: For the update and optimization of the network architecture, we will carefully plan for you and arrange an appropriate schedule, making all preparations for your network structure update, bringing higher equipment and work efficiency.
• Customized Network Maintenance: To facilitate your personal network maintenance in the future, we will tailor-make a network architecture control interface for you, allowing you to monitor the entire network situation at a glance.
• Management Strategy Guidance: If there are any unclear points about the newly built network structure, we will have someone to carefully explain the management strategy to you, so that you can grasp it faster and manage it at your discretion.
• Given Time: To perfect the services mentioned above, we may need more time to segment and test key application requirements after setting up the basic network structure. Please be patient, we will do our best to do even better.

IT Asset Inventory

Don’t know how to start organizing company IT assets for the IT asset inventory?
No problem, Bottle Technology will sort out your IT assets for you, making them clear at a glance!
Information assets (IT assets) are divided into three types according to their nature: software, hardware, and personal data.

Bottle Technology will identify your current IT assets and create a list for you:
• Identify Jurisdiction Equipment: After scheduling the service, we will send a specialist to liaise with you, identify the equipment and IT assets currently under your jurisdiction, and record them in the inventory. After completion, the list will outline each asset, making it clear at a glance without the hassle of searching.
• Annual Inventory: If necessary, we can conduct at least one IT asset inventory and inventory review every year to properly manage your assets.

Network Topology Diagram

If needed, we can also create a “Network Topology Diagram” for you.

• A network topology diagram, although seemingly complicated, is actually an illustrative guide that intuitively expresses the office network structure. Creating a network topology diagram for you will assist in future management, maintenance, and development of the network structure.
• Network Topology Structure and Principle: The network topology structure refers to the physical layout of various devices interconnected by transmission media, constituted by the network node devices and communication medium.



Bottle Technology offers a diverse range of IT support services, ensuring you can have peace of mind and gain maximum assistance.