Equipment Rental Service


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Service Overview

Bottle Technology’s equipment rental service caters to various corporate organizations and groups of all sizes, Mainly it provides temporary rental equipment to meet the work requirements of customers, while the electronic equipment rental service can provide flexible solutions according to different occasions,
For example, renting different models and specifications of equipment to meet various needs and budgets, saving the cost of purchasing equipment, making it the best choice for organizing events of all sizes.

We provide various efficient routers, network switches, wireless access points (WAP) and other networking equipment.

These equipment are suitable for work scenarios requiring network setup and management. They provide a stable networking environment capable of supporting simultaneous connections from multiple users, with security and management features.

We provide laptop and tablet rental services for customers requiring portability,

They come pre-loaded with various document, office software and full-featured operating systems, suitable for customers’ office, meeting or business travel needs.

We are also able to provide bulk rentals of computers and peripheral devices to meet various customer needs for organizing large-scale activities and exhibitions.

We provide various types and functions of printing equipment, including traditional laser printers and portable inkjet printers, to meet the diverse needs in office and business environments.

We also offer a wide range of printing consumables such as ink cartridges, toner cartridges, paper, etc. to ensure coverage for different work environments.

Our team has extensive computer technical knowledge and experience, and can provide support services for equipment installation, configuration, and maintenance.

If you encounter any issues during the use of the equipment, we are always ready to provide solutions.

We provide projector and monitor rental services. Our equipment offers high-definition, high-resolution, and multiple connectivity interfaces, making them suitable for trade show displays, interactive exhibitions, education, and commercial applications.

Whether you require a single monitor, projector system, or large display screens, we can meet your needs.

We offer high-definition cameras, including professional camcorders and HD webcams, for video recording and live streaming purposes.

We also provide various accessories for live streaming equipment, such as tripods, converters, lenses, etc., to achieve different live streaming angles and visual effects.


Service Procedure

Flexibility for adjustments based on actual situations:

Contact methods for customers: Customers can contact our rental service through various means, such as phone, email, or social media.

Inquiry about available rental products: Customers can inquiring about the products available for rental, as well as the rental prices, duration, and availability of these products.

Confirmation of rental duration and pricing: Customers can inquire about the rental duration and pricing to confirm if it aligns with their needs and budget.

Confirmation of rental method and payment method: Customers can inquire about the rental method, including options such as self-pickup or delivery to their location. They can also inquire about the accepted payment methods, such as cash, credit card, or bank transfer.

Confirmation of reservation: To confirm your reservation, customers need to provide personal information, details of the rental products, and the desired rental duration.

Obtaining rental products: Customers can collect the rental products from the physical store of the rental service on the day the rental period begins, or they can arrange for them to be delivered to a specified location.

Using rental products: Customers are free to use the rental products according to their individual needs and are advised to follow any instructions or guidelines provided by the rental service.

Returning rental products: On the last day of the rental period, customers need to return the rental products to the physical store of the rental service, or arrange for them to be gave back.

Receiving deposit or refund: If customers have made an advance deposit or full payment, upon the return and inspection of the rental products, the deposit or refund for the borrowed items will be refunded to the customer.



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