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Why Bottle?

The Benefits of Outsourcing ITS Services to Bottle Technology

Bottle Technology possesses an experienced professional team and masters advanced technologies. To meet your IT infrastructure needs, we offer different IT management services such as solution design, project planning, equipment supply, installation and testing, as well as management and support. As your ITS outsourcing partner, we ensure you are free from complex IT management issues and solve challenges in areas of information technology equipment, network, servers, communication technologies and more, allowing you to focus on business development.

IT outsourcing services greatly reduce the likelihood of unexpected computer or network failures occurring. We have a professional technical team to provide customers with the most attentive technical management and support solutions, while also helping to ensure network security.

Comprehensive IT management services are beneficial for business development of enterprises. Well-equipped network infrastructure effectively enhances employee productivity, streamlines team collaboration, and professional technical capabilities assist in competition with peers.


We provide proactive managed services to actively monitor customers’ systems for any abnormalities. We safeguard your computers around the clock to reduce unexpected risks. When systems encounter failures or disruptions, we ensure the fastest possible restoration of operations to minimize downtime and losses to business.

IT outsourcing allows companies to forgo building an in-house team while ensuring computer issues are promptly resolved, saving significantly on expenses. This enables firms to reallocate resources to core priorities instead of IT maintenance. Outsourcing removes overheads while maintaining functionality, freeing capital to boost efficiency and competitive advantage through outsourcing computer maintenance and management needs.


Service Overview

Bottle Technology strives to provide high quality yet cost-effective IT support services for companies of all sizes, including IT outsourcing services and digital transformation solutions. Our services include IT outsourcing services and digital transformation solutions. We provide customized, flexible IT support services tailored specifically to your business needs.

Due to cost considerations and space limitations, many companies do not hire full-time IT staff or only have an IT support team consisting of 1-2 people.

IT issues can vary widely in nature, and your internal IT staff may not be able to promptly handle all problems.

Fortunately, our professional technical staff have extensive experience handling various types of IT issues for different companies. They are able to meet the needs of organizations of all kinds.

Computers and network systems can occasionally experience unexpected troublesome issues.

If your company encounters any sudden IT technical issues, our professional engineers can provide remote support or on-site technical assistance quickly to resolve any computer problems.

Have you ever experienced a significant drop in work efficiency due to minor computer issues?

Through our remote support services, our professional technicians can continuously monitor the status of your IT infrastructure.

When issues arise, you do not need to wait for our technicians to visit on-site for repairs. With your permission, we can remotely access your devices to troubleshoot and resolve problems immediately, minimizing the impact of IT issues on your business operations.

The goal of IT management services is to help businesses effectively manage and operate their information technology infrastructure,

Including network management, system management, security management, user support, data backup and restoration, IT resource planning and management, etc.

This enhances the security, resilience and efficiency of information technology to help businesses achieve their objectives and effectively address continually evolving technical challenges and risks.

With Bottle Technology, we are able to continuously monitor the performance of your company’s network, servers, computer software, computer hardware and more, around the clock.

This allows us to identify and resolve potential IT issues, keeping your network and systems secure.


Billing plan

Bottle Technology aims to design service plans that best meet customer needs, are cost-effective, and flexible. The pricing plan for each customer will be customized based on their actual situation.

Monthly subscription plans

Our monthly subscription plans are suitable for typical SME customers. Quotes vary depending on factors such as the number of routine on-site inspection visits required, work locations, number of devices to be managed, and technical complexity.

Reference cases

We offer various monthly subscription plans for different customer types:

Customer Plan 1: MOP 850/month, covers 1 office location with up to 5 computers, includes 1 routine on-site inspection visit per month, provides 1 additional trip for emergency technical support, offers unlimited remote assistance sessions via wireless connection

Customer 2: MOP 3,500/month, covers 1 office location with up to 10 computers, includes 2 routine on-site inspection visit per month, along with 2 emergency on-site support visits.

Customer 3: MOP 7,500/month, covers 2 office location with up to 35 computers, includes 2 routine on-site inspection visit per month, along with 2 emergency on-site support visits.

Token-based support billing plan

Many overseas corporate customers prefer to choose an annual fee plan where payment is primarily deducted in tokens based on actual usage.

Reference cases

Taking one of our existing customer’s token-based pricing plan as an example:

MOP 12,000 initial annual fee

50 Tokens (emergency situations)

Each token is equivalent to 1 hour of technical support time from an engineer (a minimum of 1 token is deducted per on-site visit in Macau region, a minimum of 1.5 tokens in Taipa region)

Additional MOP 2,000 charge for every 10 extra tokens

Office hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm (excluding public holidays)

Non-office hours support incurs an additional 1 token fee (with a minimum 3 hour response time)

Support is calculated in 0.5 token increments per half hour, and support is generally provided on a next business day (NBD) basis, support is provided by the next working day after the customer reports an issue.


Additional ad-hoc/short-term support services

Bottle Technology offers a variety of short-term IT support services to allow you to get help without worries and achieve maximum support.



Bottle Technology has been operating in Macao for many years and has a very solid and wide customer base. Our clients range from government departments to small and micro enterprises and individuals. To date, we have provided services to businesses from various industries, including government departments in Macao, banks, tourism, hotels, trade, education, retail, catering, beauty, engineering, etc. We have brought business opportunities to many customers and received good reviews.